About Company

Vishesh Global Automation is based out of Mumbai, India focussed on high quality products for pickling and passivation and for all stainless steel and Duplex Stainless Steel material after welding.

Vishesh Global Automation has realized and understood the end of high technology and high qulaity welding and cutting automation of the Indian industry.

Vishesh Global Automation is focussed in welding and cutting automation by introducing special purpuse machine for Longitudinal seam welding system series, Sheet to sheet longitudinal seam welding system, Column & boom welding series system, Roller welding series, Positioner welding series, Circumferential seam welding series system, Gantry frame beam welding series system, Pipe welding series system, Tank container P+T automatic welding system, Stainless steel cylinder welding system, Big diameter stainless steel seamed pipe welding system, Big diameter stainless steel seamed pipe welding system, Large-scale plate to plate automatic welding system, Pipe station automatic welding system, Bend pipe-Flange automatic welding system, Pipe-flange automatic welding system, Automatic pipe pre-fabrication welding production line, Automatic cladding welding system,Cryogenie tank automatic welding system, Construction machinery automatic welding system, Power busbar switch automatic welding system, Special material and composite board plasma welding system , Military industry automatic welding system, Others automatic welding system, Automatic MAG root pass welding process, Automatic TIG root pass welding process, Plasma horizontal/vertical welding process, Advanced P+T double torch welding process, High speed cutting and beveling machine, Stainless Steel auxiliary processing equipment polishing system, Functional module, Construction machinery excavator, Construction machinery crawler crane, Construction machinery truck crane, Construction machinery wheel loader, Construction Machinery Bulldozer, Construction machinery pump truck, Mining machinery, Locomotive application, Power generation, Shipbuilding industry application , Cutting and beveling, Standard peripheral equipments.

As we are the global service provider for world class technology in the field of cutting & welding equipments.

We have been carrying out both our manufacturing and trading business with utmost eficiancy.
The endless support of our vendors and our excellent manufacturing facilities has backed us in standing up to the expectations of our clients.

Well - knit distributions network, flawless networking between the procuring agents and distributors and our timely delivers are a symbol of our proflssional style of working. Backed by all the modern in-house testing facilities, We ensure complete authenticity from our end.

We represent European, American & Australian Company. we provide technical solutions & services on Robotic and Automation System.

We also provide after sales, service training & commisioning of all the equipments by our trained team of engineers.


We have well qualified & trained sales team who understands & caters your needs & requirements & offers solutions that meet your requirements.

We are backed by a team of professionals, which hold specialization in different domains. These professionals work in coordination with each other in order to avoid confusion at the time of scheduling deliveries. They are aware of the techniques to use the machines essential in manufacturing process.

Further, we have a team of qualified quality controllers, which keeps an eye on the production process and make sure that resources are used in a judicious manner. They also check the products on various parameters in order to leave no stone unturned.

Owing to our quality-approved products and timely delivery of consignments, we have been able to establish hug clients base across the nation.

We have well-stocked ware houses of spare parts.


  • To provide the latest technology & timely services.
  • To provide suitable solutions to the costumers.
  • To greatly support "The Skilled India" movement.

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