Metarc TIG 200PAC, DC, 250PAC, DC II & 315PAC, DC Supplier And Exporter

Metarc TIG 315PG, 400PIJ, 500PIJ Supplier And Exporter

Heavy Industrial, Classical DC, Pulse ... Good hand in Welding heat control

• DC TIG • Pulse TIG • MMA • Remote Control
Package includes:
• Inverter Power Source
• TIG Torch 4m
• Earth Clamp 3m
• Tungsten Electrode, cerium-tungsten

Optional Accessories:
• Electrode holder 3m
• Helmet
• Water Cooler
• Foot Control Pedal

Features: • Pulse frequency and Pulse width adjustable
• 2T/4T/REP
• Post flow adjustable
• Up-slope and down slope adjustable
• Peak current and background current adjustable
• Start current and crater current adjustable
• Tri-proof Air duct design

Technical Data :

Model Input Voltage/
Phase / Frequency
Output current/ Voltage
/Duty cycle (400 °c)
Amps input at
Rated output
Output range / OCV Dimension Weight (kg)
TIG 315PG 380V/3P/50-60hz TIG: 315A/22.6V/40% 244A/19.8V/100%
MMA:245A/29.8V/40% 190A/27.6V/100%
TIG: 15.5A@315A
MMA: 15A@245A
TIG: 15-315A/59V
MMA: 15-245A/59V
485*234*425 25
TIG 400PI 380V/3P/50-60hz TIG: 400A/26V/60% 310A/22.4V/100%
MMA:400A/36V/40% 310A/32.4V/100%
TIG: 25.3A@400A TIG: 10-400A/80V
MMA: 20-400A/80V
547*562*291 30
TIG 500PIJ 380V/3P/50-60hz TIG: 500A/30V/40% 380A/25.2V/100%
MMA:400A/36V/40% 310A/32.4V/100%
TIG: 30A@500A
MMA: 25A@400A
TIG: 25-500A/59.3V
MMA: 25-400A/59.3V
760*380*820 30