Plasma Cutting CutFire-65i

Plasma Cutting CutFire-65i

CutFire- Plasma Units for Manual and automated Use

Cost-efficient cutting with air

With the new plasma inverter Cut Fire 100i and the corresponding torch Flash 101 users benefit in many ways from using air for plasma cutting as far as simple mechanised cutting applications are concerned. In addition to cooling of the inverter and torch, the air that rotates around the plasma beam stabilises the arc and ensures a better protection and cooling of the consumables. Thus, the cutting speed is increased. the lifetime of the consumables is improved and the costs per cutting metre are reduced.

Advantages CutFire 100i

  • Swirl gas technology
  • Piercing up to 20 mm
  • Precision cutting up to 3 mm
  • Higher piercing safety
  • New consumables
  • High cutting speeds
  • Electrical contact for finding the initial position