Plasma Cutting Contour Cut

Plasma Cutting Contour Cut

Plasma Cutting Technology

Contour Cut stands for the precise cutting of mild steel. When cutting small con-tours, narrow bars and especially small holes with a diameter to thickness ratio of 1: 1 an outstanding cut quality is achieved. Smooth cut surfaces and sharp cut edges reduce time-consuming aftertreatment. Thus, productivity increases while costs are reduced.

The Next Step :

The technology enhancement Contour Cut Speed offers best cutting performance at highest cutting speed and with highest quality. It makes cutting faster by up to 50% at similar quality. Due to the shorter processing time the costs per cutting metre are reduced.

Optimal results :

The following points should be considered to achieve good cutting results

  • Align the work-piece horizontally to the plasma torch that is in vertical position
  • Adjust correct torch height and piercing regime
  • Freeze the height control for hole diamters of up to 30 mm
  • Adjust correct parameters
  • Programming of the cutting process: Clockwise (cw) direction for outer contours and counter clockwise (ccw) direction for inner contours

An essential requirement for the quality of cut surfaces is the proven design of the torch's cathode and nozzle. The liquid cooling of the plasma fine-jet torch guarantees longer consu - mable life. Plasma cutting with the systems in the PA-S series is more efficient by increasing the productivity of the user. For the cutting of mild steel with the PA -S45W, a swirl gas torch allows more frequent piercing.