Metarc MIG Welder / Supplier And Exporter

Metarc ARC 400IJ2-500IJ-630I / Supplier And Exporter

Heavy Industrial, Classical ... The priority selection for Heavy Engineering fabrication industry with heavy duty.

• Remote Control
• Carbon Arc Gouge

Package includes:
• Inverter Power Source
• Electrode Holder 3m
• Earth Clamp 3m

Optional Accessories:
• Quick Plug
• Wrench
• Remote Control Box
• Helmet

• Heavy duty, non-stop working under 40 degree condition.
• Tri-proof Air duct design.
• VRD adjustable.
• Arc Force adjustable.
• Hot start adjustable.
• Recommend for 5.0mm Electrode
• Suitable for Acid Electrode Basic Electrode, and Cellulosic Electrode

Technical Data :

Model Input Voltage/
Phase / Frequency
Output current/ Voltage
/Duty cycle (400 °c)
Amps input at
Rated output
Output range / OCV Dimension Weight (kg)
ARC 400IJ2 380V/3P/50-60hz 400A/36V/60%
27.6A@400A 30-400A/72V/17V/(VRD) 550*286*545 25
ARC 500IJ 380V/3P/50-60hz 500A/40V/60%
35A@500A 40-500A/82V/17V/(VRD) 630*300*640 40
ARC 6301 380V/3P/50-60hz 630A/44V/60%
53.1A@630A 50-630A/90V/17V/(VRD) 650*310*640 54