Pickling Gel / Supplier And Exporter

Pickling Gel / Supplier And Exporter

STAINLESS STEEL WELDING using 304 & 316L grades of steel pose a severe and major problem of cleaning and brightening by normal methods like Grit or Shot blasting, mechanical grinding , wire brushing or sand papering, These are the age-old processes involving substantial labour and time. Moreover the cleaning is NOT COMPLETE and SATISFACTORY in some intricate areas , rounded shapes and structures etc. These processes also affect the surface finish, leave scratch marks and reduce the Gloss of the SS equipments. This PRODUCT is to be used at Room Temperature, as supplied, without any dilution.

VG – Gel for Excellent Cleaning and Brightening of Weld-Joints on Fabricated STAINLESS STEEL PLANTS & EQUIPMENTS, Power Plants & Petro-Chemical & Heavy Chemical Industries Pipe Lines for Chemicals / Steam / Water and Corrosive chemical transporting Pipe-Lines. VG – Gel is in very Thick Viscous grease-like paste and cleans welding & SS Surface within 05 to 30 minutes, depending on the Grade of Stainless Steel and the method of Welding. VG – Gel can be very easily used for Vertical and roof top surfaces, without dripping / flowing down. VG Gel can be used by un-skilled labour. It has very limited fuming, and is to be used ventilated areas & in open yards. Post washing with water ( By Spray or Swabbing is recommended.) VG GEL is STABLE for 10-12 Months from the date of supply. Use of VG GEL will save on cleaning time and will be the most economical and efficient means of Weld cleaning. The Cleaning performance of VG Gel is guaranteed.

USES and APPLICATIONS : VG Range of Products will find very good Applications in the following areas of Manufacture :
ALL Types of Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrications , Atomic Wind Power , Hydro-Power and Thermal power project Plants and Equipments , Plate , Tube and Finned Tubes Heat Exchangers, Chemical Plants and Vessles , Jacketted Vessles , Lympet Coil Vessles, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants and Equipments and Pipe-lines, Etc.

VG –Gel Confirm to the Requirements of ASM–A–380 & IS 10117 Specifications.

All these products are HALOGEN & SULPHUR FREE , RoHS Compliant and are extremely safe for Workmen. Handling of these Hazardous chemicals must be done by taking due care of using rubber gloves , googles , rubber aprons, face shield and all the recommended safety gear.


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