Metarc MIG Welder / Supplier And Exporter

Metarc MIG 500 F Supplier And Exporter

Heavy Industrial, Separated ... Unique appearance


Package includes:
• Inverter Power Source
• MIG Torch 3m
• Earth Clamp 3m
• Hose 3m
• Hose Clamp 2 pcs

Optional Accessories:
• Electrode holder 3m
• Extend Control Cable 10m
• Helmet

• Water cooled
• Current, Voltage and inductance adjustable
• 2T/4T
• Wire Diameter selectable
• Wire type Selectable
• Bracket on the side
• Friendly toolbox
• Wire inching on wire feeder
• Compatible with 15kg (300mm) wire spool

Technical Data :

Model Input Voltage/
Phase / Frequency
Output current/ Voltage
/Duty cycle (400 °c)
Amps input at
Rated output
Output range / OCV Dimension Weight (kg)
MIG 500F 380V/3P/50-60hz MIG: 500A/39V/35% 315A/29.8V/100%
MMA: 500A/40V/35% 315A/32.6V/100%
MIG: 37.5A@500A
MMA: 38.4A@500A
MIG: 80-500A/75V
MMA: 50-500A/75V
900*260*850 78